The below documents and publications are available at all our meetings and events, and additionally though Looe Tourist Information Centre.

Joseph Thomas Information Pamphlet – 50p

The man who solved many problems for Looe and helped to prepare the town for the 20th Century.

Looe Heritage Trail Pamphlet50p

Take a walk in the past of the historic maritime port of Looe using our handy map and guide.

Looe Heritage Trail DVD £5.00

An introduction to the heritage of the historic southeast fishing port of Looe and the surrounding area.

The Child Christ at Lammana, by Rev H.A.Lewis. – £3.50

There is a persistent legend around Looe that Joseph of Aramathea bought the child Christ with him on one of his tin-buying trips to Cornwall.The legend was widely believed in the middle ages, and is the reason the chapels on Looe Island and Lammana were built. Long before Time Team visited the area in 2008, Rev Lewis, vicar of Talland in the 1930’s wrote about the legend with great charm and enthusiasm. Danielle Agee has edited and republished this version.

The History of St Nicholas Church, by Roger Bennett – £5.00

Chapel-of-ease, guildhall,prison, church – St Nicholas has been all of these in its 700 year history. Roger Bennett’s father was vicar of St Mary’s and St Nicholas in the 1950’s, and Roger has long been fascinated by all the nooks and crannies of this old building.

The History of St Mary’s Church, by Roger Bennett – £5.00

Founded in 1259, St Mary’s acted as a chapel for the new, planned medieval town of East Looe. It’s tower guided shipping into the harbour, and the mayor was often “presented” for failing to keep it whitewashed. The church never had a peal of bells for fear of attracting pirates.Eventually the fine Victorian limestone building was erected on the site, but closed as a church in 1994.

The Secret Army, by John Jolliff – £2.50

During 1940, in the darkest days of the Second World War, Britain prepared for invasion. In towns and villages all over the country, small groups of men, mainly WW1 veterans, volunteered to go into hiding to act as saboteurs and guerrilla fighters in the event of invasion. They were given special forces training and 6 weeks rations, because it was thought unlikely they would survive longer. As a boy growing up in Pelynt, John heard tales of the Secret Army and Pelynt patrol in particular. He has also contributed to the national archive of the units, named after their headquarters at Coleshill House in the Midlands.This booklet tells their story.

Whale Ashore, by Bert Middleton – £2.00

In addition to his talents as a singer and choirmaster, Bert Middleton was well- known in Looe as a raconteur and after dinner speaker.This story of the whale washed ashore on Looe Island in 1929 has been honed for the amusement of the audience, but tells the essential facts of the story with little alteration. Bert’s mother, Mrs Emmeline Middleton, was president of Looe OCS from 1943-1953, and this story probably found it’s way into our archives around that time. Bert would have been 22 when the stranding took place, so doubt he knew several of the people involved in disposing of the carcass.











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